Our fall and spring practices are almost always on the water. The fall season runs from mid-August until the end of October and our spring season goes from early-March until Memorial Day. 

Your athlete can guarantee the most rowing time by being at practice on time, providing great work ethic, and being coachable. Rowing is built on rowers working together day-in, and day-out. If an athlete misses practice, it is hard to build continuity with a crew and we have to find alternatives. 

We do practice in the rain so investing in quality rain gear is a plus. The only way we do not go out on the water is if it is too windy (20mph+) or if there are thunderstorms. In that case, we will practice indoors and do conditioning work. 

Popular questions

Where do you practice?

We practice at Wilmington Rowing Center located at 501 A Street, Wilmington, DE. 

What times are practice?

During our Fall and Spring seasons, practices are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from 3-5:30pm and Saturday mornings from 7:00-9:30am.

How do you get to the boathouse from Concord?
We organize carpools to the boathouse the first day of practice. We always need drivers so if your family is able to contribute, please do. 

What do we wear/bring to practice?

You need to bring athletic clothes, spandex, running shoes, and water. 

What is the price of the seasons?

The fall and spring seasons cost $550.00 each and the winter season is $225.00.

Winter practices begin in December and continue until the end of February. This is designed to focus solely on conditioning and strength. We will be indoors almost exclusively and working on rowing machines and lifting weights.

We practice this winter Monday-Friday after school with the weekends off.

This is a challenging part of the year but is vital for our athletes to have a successful spring season.

No team that is competitive relaxes over the winter.

fall/spring practice

winter practice